Best Corn Mazes Near Greenville SC

What’s one of your favorite ways to kick off the fall season? If corn mazes came to mind, then you know South Carolina and North Carolina come packed with the most enriching and beautiful mazes this planet has!

Here is a list of some of the best corn mazes in Greenville.

Corn maze

Best Corn Mazes in Greenville

1. Denver Downs

One of the most popular mazes you can find is hosted by Denver Downs Farm. This farm comes with plenty of history as it has been with us since 1869!

They have not wasted any of their experience and have truly perfected a great event from pumpkin patches to live music performances. Schools can even book a field trip so kids can learn about agriculture.

“The corn maze is huge and worth the price if admission, but there’s so much more to do here…zipline, dodgeball, rock climbing, a petting zoo, and so much more. The store offers numerous salsas, jams, and other goodies, grown and canned on-site.”

Not only do they keep maze goers happy but natural wildlife as well! 2021’s maze was carved in the shape of a bee to celebrate and promote the production of honey. Visiting here may be one of the best things you can do in the Upstate.

2. Greyrock Farm

Speaking of bees, you’ll find Greyrock Farm is another advocate for the bees! They host bee-keeping classes for the youth because they understand the importance of bees for human life and the growth of their own corn.

Join them in the fall to enjoy their elaborate corn mazes! You’ll appreciate their fun events and self-sustaining practices just like this review states:

Adorable farm with a large pick your own pumpkin patch, pre-picked pumpkins, a playground for the kids, a corn maze, and a little store that sells apple cider, apples, jelly, jams, and frozen slushies. Great prices for pumpkins and wonderful staff! beautiful animals and ❤ are what upstate farms should…as well as self-sustaining and are a dying craft, unfortunately. Will most definitely be returning next year!!”

3. Eliada Corn Maze

Caring and giving back is something our fabulous mazes just do. Eliada Corn maze raised funds in 2021 to help those in WNC who lost their homes from flooding that year.

Despite the pandemic and natural disasters around this farm, they still hosted their festival and farm. Many people like this person were grateful:

“This corn maze is good clean fun! I am so glad that Eliada decided to continue the tradition this year. Safety precautions were present and it all seemed very healthy, including the corn and a variety of flowering vines.”

4. Little Cane Creek Farm

With 5-acres, Little Cane Creek’s Corn Maze will keep you entertained for hours. Beyond their large maze, they also host hayrides, a kid’s play area, and other laid-back family fun activities. One thing everyone says about this maze is:

“We had so much fun!”

“Such a fun place”

“Awesome experience! We have so much fun in the family”

5. Stewart Farms

For a less crowded experience, you’ll want to go to Stewart Farms. They offer a small but exciting corn maze, tractor ride, and even fun kid-friendly lessons about pumpkins! As one family described:

“We had so much fun picking pumpkins here! The tractor ride was great. It was comfortable and had all kinds of well-drawn scenes. The pumpkin class was short, sweet, and our littles could remember everything that was taught because of the cute motions to go along with the lesson. Our group of kids range from 2-7 so we did the mini corn maze. I would have liked to have gone back and done the maze when it was still cool and perhaps we would have done the big one. We will definitely be going again!”

6. Grandad’s Apples

Come to this orchard for year-round fun! In the fall they host a corn maze and a unique cow train and an Apple cannon! I couldn’t describe Grandad’s experience any better than this happy visitor:

“Everything here was absolutely amazing! We arrived about 10 am and were pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t busy yet. We parked easily walked right into the bakery and market grabbed some donuts, cider, and coffee in under 5 minutes, and a bag for apple picking. There was an awesome picnic area which had lots of picture ops and had our delicious breakfast of fresh cider donuts.

Then we headed to the orchard and ran into (I assume) grandad who was very friendly talking to everyone. There were plenty of apples to choose from and we got some great golden delicious apples. We had a great time in the corn maze and the kids loved the cow train. The sunflowers were beautiful and you can even see the pumpkins growing in the patch. The prices were great too! We grabbed some more donuts of course before we left along with some fresh cider and the caramel apple oatmeal cookies which were also delicious. We will definitely be back!”

7. Strawberry Hill U.S.A.

Strawberry Hill is a family-owned farm that grows peaches, strawberries, blackberries, pumpkins, corn, and more. They even have a little cafe and ice-cream parlor you can visit on their farm.

Come fall time you’ll enjoy the many fresh crops they have to offer and a family fun corn maze! With 100s of 5-star reviews, you know you’ll enjoy every second spent here.

The beauty of this list is that you do not have to choose which farm to visit! Spend each weekend in the fall season at one of these farms and you’ll have memories to talk about for years to come!

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